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Ronald is a native of Dothan, AL.  He and his wife Debbie have two grown daughters (his youngest daughter Brandi is pictured here), two grandchildren, and are members of Harvest Church. Ronald is the owner and operator of White's Plumbing and Electric in Dothan, AL.  He is not a cattleman and never has been. Nor does he know anything about raising cattle. He serves on the Cattle for Christ Board of Directors because he has a passion and a heart for missions that is very rare among laymen or full-time vocational pastors for that matter.  Ronald literally lives and works to provide for his family and to be able to give to mission work that makes Christ known.  To quote Ronald: "I cannot teach or speak, and I cannot go on mission trips, but giving is the one thing I can do for the Lord if He provides the work for my crews."  The only times that you will see Ronald discouraged, despite his pain and hip disability is when the economy turns south, and it affects his ability to give to mission work!   

As far as we can tell, Ronald holds the world record for the number of hip replacements on the same hip--7 replacements!  His excuse for not going on a mission trip is not superficial.  It takes all he can do to get around and he is in constant pain, yet what he can do for the Lord, he does with all his heart.  Ronald is a successful but tender-hearted businessman, a loving daddy, a faithful encourager, a dedicated prayer warrior, and has a huge heart for giving to the Lord's work.  Though he has never traveled outside the U.S., he is a missionary in his own right and is a true asset to the ministry of Cattle for Christ International.  


Ronald calls or texts Glenn, Larry and several other men that he ministers to at 5:30 a.m. each morning to do a short devotional, Bible study, and to pray for us, the ministry and the ministry partners on the ground around the world.  His compassion, encouragement and commitment to pray and hold his brothers accountable to God is a gift of service that means so much to us and that plays a major role in the success of Cattle for Christ.

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