You can give to mission projects, ministry expenses, or Glenn Crumpler's salary.   We also accept non-cash gifts.  There are also many other ways you can help support our ministry.  



Thank you! We appreciate your gift/donation. We will be in touch with you shortly.



Below are just a few ways you can help us, but is by no means an all inclusive list.  Please contact us today to see how you can help meet the spiritual and physical needs of others both here at home and around the world.

  • Make cash contributions to fund our work (You can now donate securely online from our website).

  • Sell at least one animal and donate the proceeds to Cattle for Christ (CFC).

  • Donate cattle of any beef breed (purebred or commercial) to put in our Cattle for Christ herds in Alabama or Texas.

  • Promote a particular animal, flush or embryo lot in your production sale and donate the proceeds to CFC.

  • Identify a particular cow to keep in your herd and donate the progeny or the proceeds from her progeny to CFC each year.

  • Provide regular monthly support to fund our work.

  • Donate services, products, equipment, vehicles, hay, feed, seed, lime, fertilizer, etc., to help us with our herd needs.

  • Donate embryos and semen that we can use in our herd or in our international genetic improvement work.

  • Donate the proceeds or crops from one or more acres of your row crop production to Cattle for Christ.

  • Donate to provide CFC TRAILBLAZER and CFC SIDEKICK players that you, or we, can distribute in the U.S. or internationally.

  • Donate to provide 'clear case' CFC TRAILBLAZER DUAL players for inmates and recovering addicts in prisons and recovery centers around the U.S.

  • Donate your best one-time gift.

  • If you have other income to tithe to your church, tithe your cattle income to Cattle for Christ.

  • Advertise for us in your sale catalogs, publications, website, farm ads, social media, etc.

  • Use the products, services and skills of your everyday work to help us in our work.

  • Donate land, equipment, vehicles or other property to help fund and accomplish our ministry efforts.

  • Remember us in your estate planning, charitable annuities, stocks, bonds and life insurance policies.

  • Go on a short-term mission trip with CFC to see for yourself the difference you can make in the lives of others.

  • Call us to see how you can use your gifts, abilities, and services of your everyday job to help us in the ministry of Cattle for Christ International.

  • Donate gift cards for fuel, accommodations, and food to help with our travel expenses.

  • Donate airline miles that can be transferred to Cattle for Christ to reduce our travel expenses.

  • Invite Glenn or Greg to preach in your church, speak at your cattle meetings, civic clubs, cattle sales, etc.

  • Tell your friends about us and how they too can be involved, whether or not they are cattlemen.

  • Pray for us, our ministry partners, our donors and for those to whom we minister.

  • There is something that everyone can do to be a part of our work. Contact us to explore the opportunities that best suit your situation. Please don't let what you cannot do keep you from doing what you can do!