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In addition to sharing Christ, providing CFC TRAILBLAZER Solar Powered Audio Bibles, Training Pastors, Educating and , Bible Distribution, Cattle Improvement and Economic Development, Cattle for Christ is involved in a wide variety of other ministry opportunities to help meet the spiritual and physical needs of others. The needs change or vary from one location or people group to the next, so we try to do whatever we can to meet the needs we find in ways that the people can sustain after we are gone.


In the early days, Cattle for Christ was more involved in church construction than we currently are.  One of the first projects we funded and participated in was the construction of a modest church building and a medical clinic in Santa Maria, Nicaragua.  We also purchased 26,000 plantain plants and an irrigation system that fed the entire community for eight years.  We still do some construction if there is a great need and if no other buildings are available, but we try to keep these to a minimum and only where there are no other options.  This allows us to invest more extensively in the urgent needs of the people.

One example of this is in a trash dump community in Nicaragua where hundreds of poeple live in a tarp type city and earn their living  sorting through trash from the city of Chinandega, collecting whatever plastic, metals, etc.. that they can to resale.   These are mostly women and children, but they had no church and no place to start one. In 2014, CFC took a medical team, medicines, eyeglasses and a construction crew to this trash dump village where we set up a medical clinic, built a modest church building (basically a pole barn with cement columns and a tin roof), conducted Vacation Bible Schools for the children and held evangelistic worship services at night.  The locals have since built up the sides of the church and it is still growing today.

We just recently helped build a water well and reservoir in West Africa which is the only clean source of drinking water in this area.  We are hoping to be able to help build a training center on that site in 2017 that will serve as the only church, school, and medical clinic in the village, but also as a training center for pastors and a place of refuge for persecuted Christian workers in 7 surrounding countries where Boka Horam is terrorizing and butchering the Fulani nomadic herdsmen (13,000,000) of them.


Cattle for Christ has funded medical care every year since our incorporation in June 2001.  Last year, with the help of Larry Cochran, (a CFC Board Member and past president of GO InterNational), we took medical teams to Palma Real and Kumpiroshiato, Peru where we treated hundreds of patients (medical and dental) and distributed suitcases full of medicines.  As in everything we do, we also conducted outreach to the children and conducted evangelistic meetings at night.  Our team was the very first Christian mission team to ever visit the remote Amazonian village of Kumpiroshiato.  We are in the process of putting together another medical team to go to this same village in September 2017 since it is so remote, the need is so great, and no one else is working there.




Our mission work and our cattle herds have opened the doors for Glenn and Greg to speak with and host several youth organizations, high school and universities through the years.  Our last field day was held on the farm in AL on October 26th 2016 with the Coffee County Youth Leadership Program.  Many of these high school students had never been on a cattle ranch.  Not only did we get to share the Gospel message, but we also taught and showed them how beef gets safely from the pasture to their plates.  They also got to learn about free range chickens, goats, and forestry. 

We try to host as many of these type field days as we can for cattle groups, youth organizations, and military families at the neighboring Ft. Rucker, AL where all of the U.S. Army helicopter pilots, Warrant Office Candidates and others  spend at least a year of their career.  Most of these families have never been on a working cattle farm, so our herds help us to educate them about the safety of the beef industry, the humane treatment that farmers and ranchers provide for their cattle, and how farmers and ranchers are the best stewards of the environment----most all of which are contrary to what they hear and see in the media. Glenn is retired military so he can talk both worlds. 

These field days not only give recognition to our Corporate Sponsors and the genetics of the Farms and Ranches that donate their cattle, but it gives us the opportunity to really educate the public about beef production and to promote the industry as a whole.


This is a ministry that we have been involved in for a several years but one that the Lord is really opening doors for right now like never before.  The California prison system has just approved for our CFC TRAILBLAZER players to be distributed among the 300,000 inmates in both the State and Federal Prison Systems as soon as we can secure funding to provide them.  We received our first order for 333 players, but they will accept and distribute as many as we can fund.  We are working now to get this same approval from all the State and Federal Prisons and drug/alcohol rehab centers.  These players will contain the full Bible, Bible Study materials, and Substance Abuse Recovery messages.



For the last nine years, Glenn has written monthly devotionals that are published by the AFC Cooperative Farming News magazine and other national publications.  These devotionals will soon be archived for your use on this site under the Newsletters tab.  Many churches have used these devotionals as Sunday School materials, some pastors use them as sermons. and Glenn has received letters from inmates from six different state and federal prisons telling how the devotionals ministered to them.  These are all farm related devotionals that not only share experiences on the farm, but also share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the readers.  We are grateful for this opportunity.



Glenn and Greg spend much of their time attending various cattle sales, conventions and other cattle related events which give them plenty of opportunity to share the Gospel message and minister to the various needs of cattlemen and their families.  Every Cattleman and every family have their own struggles, challenges and traumatic experiences that they need prayers for and sometimes they just someone to talk to that they know will maintain confidentiality.  Some are seeking Biblical advice on something that they are dealing with or decisions they are trying to make.  We are always blessed to be able to minister to them in any way we can, and we do keep everything discussed confidential. 

At many sales and events, we are asked to open in prayer, bless the food, and share about the ministry.  If you ever see someone wearing the Cattle for Christ logo at an event, it will be Glenn, Greg or one of our Board Members.   Be sure to speak to us and if we can minister to you in any way, please just let us know.

Whatever your passion is to share the Gospel and the love of Christ Jesus both here at home and around the world, Cattle for Christ can help you accomplish what God has called you to do. Please contact us and let us help you make the best decisions as how to effectively and efficiently reach the world with the Gospel message and meet the physical needs of His people.


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