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Cattle for Christ International Inc. (CFC) is a 501(c).(3) non-profit, non-denominational 
Christian ministry founded by Cattlemen to unite Cattlemen, Dairymen, Ranchers, Farmers, and Agricultural Industries and other Christians for the purpose of taking the Gospel and the love of Christ to the world.  CFC was incorporated in Jun 2001. Our strategic approach to ministry provides the most efficient and effective way for Agriculturalists and the rest of the Body of Christ to unite around the mission of educating children, training indigenous Pastors to reach their own people, making the Bible available to all people, and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ while also helping, equipping and teaching the world to feed themselves in ways that are attainable and sustainable. We focus on people groups and regions that have the least access to the Gospel message and who are also among the world's poorest and most oppressed.


We recently completed the construction of our new Broken Wagon Ranch House in Southeast AL, built to minister to hurting young families here in the U.S. Our goal is to minister to those who have lost a young child (or if one of the young parents have died) by providing a place of retreat on our Ranch to get away, grieve, spend time with God and begin the long healing process of losing a loved one. 

We also built it to minister to young families who have a seriously or terminally child (or if one of the young parents are) to serve as a retreat on the ranch where they can get away and just make treasured memories together as a family while they still have one another.  The Ranch House is offered free of charge for 3-10 days per family.  The refrigerator, freezer and pantry are always stocked.  If the family cannot cook, we will cook for them.  Click here to see visit the new Broken Wagon Ranch House website:

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