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We will work with absolute integrity, accountability and transparency to ensure your gifts are used effectively and efficiently to reach the un-reached with the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ.  Our experience and strategic partnerships minimize waste, abuse, and mistakes in strategy while maximizing effectiveness, ensuring that every dollar given has the greatest impact on the lives and eternal destinies of those to whom we minister. 

Our bylaws are written so that we cannot spend more than 10% of un-designated donations on the administration/ministry expenses of Cattle for Christ. (READ MORE).  Unless otherwise designated by you, 90% of your monetary gifts will go directly to work with the people.  Knowing that in all our work, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is our priority, we give you the opportunity to help with humanitarian work that meets the 'real' and 'perceived' physical needs of people, knowing that they will also hear the Gospel message and have opportunities to respond to and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

You can, if you prefer, designate for what purposes/projects you want your gifts to be used and where you want them to be used: Broken Wagon Ranch House, Refugee Relief (Ukrainian, Syrian, Iraqi), CFC TRAILBLAZER Players (solar powered audio Bibles), CFC SIDEKICKS (solar powered talking stuffed animals), Children's ministry and education, Bible distribution, Pastor Training, Church Planting, Cattle Genetic Improvement Training Events, Evangelism, Economic Development, Farming Projects, Other Ministries--including medical care, disaster relief, water wells, prison ministry etc..   


If you understand all that is involved in keeping a ministry/business open, functioning and growing, you may decide to help fund our monthly Ministry Expenses. We operate on just 10% of our receipts unless gifts are designated for Ministry Expenses.  We operate just as efficiently as possible so that we can help and reach and minister to more people.


Finally, if you want, you can donate to provide for Glenn's salary.  He only accepts salary from funds designated specifically for his salary and has never taken salary from any of the other funds received for the ministry or from the CFC cattle herd. 


If for some reason we cannot meet your specific request at the time you give, we will let you know and provide you with other options and input as to where we spend your money.      

With your support and partnership, we will make a difference in the lives and hearts of millions of people around the world, who otherwise may never hear the Gospel or know that there is a God who loves them.  We will also work to help educate, train and equip the people to be able to provide for and feed themselves in ways that are self-sustainable.

To ensure transparency, we will make our books available to any Certified Public Accountant for audit so you can be assured that we are doing what we say with your gifts.  (We will only provide Donor information to a CPA Firm who is willing to audit our books.  CPAs are bound by a confidentiality clause that prevents them from revealing donor identity or other information to third parties.)

Our Board of Directors will meet at least twice annually to insure the accountability and effectiveness of the ministry.

We were incorporated in June 2001.  We have carbon copies of every check we have ever written (all checks require two signatures: Glenn's and one of the Board Member's), carbon copies of every deposit we have ever made, photocopies of every check we have ever received, and we even photocopy cash so that we have evidence of the gift and the deposit we made for every dollar we receive. We do this so that you can give and partner with us with complete confidence that every investment you make is having the greatest desired impact.  

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