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The current refugee crisis situation has been and continues to be one of the most tragic scenarios in recent history and the suffering and loss have been incomprehensible, but it has opened new doors for Christians to share the Gospel and the love and hope of Christ with so many of the Muslim faith. The doors may not be open for long, but they are open for now and we need to be 'all in' while we have this opportunity. Cattle for Christ and our ministry partners are fully invested, but we need your help to carry it through. Please don't let this opportunity pass us by. The eternity of billions are at stake.

Our work among the refugees is focused, but is strategically designed to not only meet the dire and urgent physical needs of the refugees (where they are), but to do so in ways that build relationships for evangelism and discipleship.  The Good News and the love of Jesus Christ is the only thing that can give them help and hope not only in their desperate current situation, but also hope for eternity in Heaven where there will be no more sin, death, suffering, war, grief or pain. Islam offers no assurance of salvation, so the Gospel message of Jesus Christ is indeed Good News to those are facing such tragic hopelessness and deadly situations each and every day.

Though we are doing some work with refugee children here in the U.S., the majority of our work with refugees is currently focused primarily in the Middle East, West Africa and among Ukrainians in Romania and Poland. The work varies, but our priorities are as follows:

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