All of the cattle in both our AL and TX herds are either donated or raised from donated cattle. We do not purchase any cattle, nor do we borrow any money. We trust in the Lord to move in the hearts of His people to meet all of our ministry and herd needs. As of 20 March 2017, in our Alabama herd we have 90 bred cows, 33 bred heifers, 39 open heifers that we will breed this winter, and 4 herd bulls. Our goal is to grow our herd back to a minimum of 125 mama beef cows (both purebred and commercial) in addition to approximately 35 replacement heifers that we will keep and a few quality yearling bulls that we will offer for sale. While we still have some registered Angus, Simmental and Sim/An cattle, most of our herd is currently commercial. This year we are retaining 8 young Simmental and Sim/An bulls to sell as commercial herd bulls.  (Six of these bulls we are donating to help our fellow Ranchers in TX, OK and KS who lost their cattle to the devastating wildfires that destroyed so many cattle and hundreds of miles of fencing and facilities).

We also started a new herd in Texas in the fall of 2015. We currently have 13 females that have been donated to start this new herd. They are calving now to a registered Red Angus bull donated by Jeff Pettit (Diamond P Red Angus) in KY. We are hoping to grow this herd to at least 125 brood cows. Since we do not buy any cattle, we depend on other cattlemen to donate cattle to put in our herds. This gift of heifers and cows will be gifts that keep on giving as they reproduce each year. We currently need additional cattle of any beef breed that are sound and productive that we can put into both our AL and TX herds.

If you can donate one or more head, we can help with the transportation if needed and will get you the tax documents you need for your donation. If you prefer, you can also donate the funds to purchase a cow or heifer and we will purchase one or more for you and put them in our herd. Another option is to donate a cow or a heifer and keep them in your herd and donate the progeny or the proceeds from the sale of the progeny each year.

If you look under the "Corporate Sponsors" tab, you will see a listing of many of the companies that donate their goods and services to help us with our farm and our mission work. These do not include the many farms and ranches that have helped us with donated cattle, embryos, semen, hay, equipment, etc., but it does list most of the companies. Our ability to be profitable in the CFC herd would not be possible without the help of the Corporate Sponsors and the many Ranches and Farms who donate their cattle, products and services.

Jack McIntosh does most of the day to day operations of taking care of the cattle and maintaining the AL farm. Jack is somewhere on the farm seven days a week. Darrell Buxton, one of our Board Members also helps on a regular basis. Board Members Edwin Martin, Hank Gaines and his daughter Ginger also help us, as do a number of other neighbors and friends. Glenn plans the matings, manages the paperwork and health program, and markets the cattle. We have developed a really good market for all-natural, grass-fed beef with the military families of neighboring FT. Rucker, AL.

The Ft. Rucker market consumes all of the grass fed beef that we can produce and provides another opportunity for us to host Field Days where we can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ while also introducing and educating military families about farm life, These Field Days also allow us to promote the beef industry and explain how we get healthy beef products safely and humanely from the pasture to their dinner plates. Our herds also allow us to host various farm tours where other cattlemen and youth organizations can see our operation and the products of our Corporate Sponsors.

We also have a large selection of donated embryos and semen that are for sale. All of the proceeds from the cattle herd go toward supporting the work of Cattle for Christ. We will be posting our inventory under a "Semen & Embryos" Tab that will be added to this site as soon we can get an updated inventory. If you are looking for semen on a particular bull or embryo mating (especially some of the really good older pedigrees), please contact us and we will see if we have it on hand.



BF Cowboy Up X79
(ASA# 2585607)
Registered Purebred Simmental donated by Boyd Farms, AL (Lee Boyd)

Cattle For Christ Elisha 0114
(AAA# 16937599)
Registered Purebred Angus bull bred and raised in the CFC AL herd

BF Power House B81
(ASA# 298844)
Registered Purebred Simmental donated by Boyd Farms, AL (Lee Boyd) 

Daimond P Earl B905
(RAAA# 1733339)
Registered Purebred Red Angus donated by Diamond P Farms, KY (Jeff Pettit)



How You Can Help With the CFC Herds:

For IRS purposes, we will provide you with an IRS 8283 for non-cash contributions and a receipt for cash contributions just like you get from your church. You can contact us for additional information. We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry so all donations are income tax deductible as allowed by law. 100% of the proceeds from our Cattle for Christ herds go to support the work of Cattle for Christ. Both Glenn and Greg raise their own salary and do not get one penney of the funds generated from the CFC herds or the money given for missions. Though we need and can accept any number of cattle that can be donated, we currently need at least 65 sound and productive females (of any beef breed: purebred or commercial) to put into our AL herd and 105 females for our TX herd for us to reach our minimum goal for each herd. We also have ongoing needs for top quality registered herd sires. (Since herd sires affect the genetics and performance of so much of our herd, we reserve the right to lease out or sell any donated bulls that we feel will not significantly help our herds). To help us with our herds, here are just a few of the ways you can help:

  1. Donate beef cattle to be placed into our herds and we will take care of them (a non-cash contribution). We will help arrange transportation if needed.
  2. Designate a particular animal/animals in your herd, keep them at home, and donate the proceeds of their progeny to fund our work: (a cash contribution).
  3. Designate a particular lot (an animal, pregnancy, flush, embryos or semen) in your production sale and advertise that the proceeds from that lot will go to support Cattle for Christ: (a cash contribution).
  4. Donate the funds for us to purchase cattle to go into our herds: (a cash contribution). **(We do not purchase any cattle unless funds are specifically designated for that purpose)
  5. Donate or sell cull beef or dairy cattle that we can sell and the proceeds will go to fund our mission work: (Could be a cash or non-cash contribution depending on how it is handled.)
  6. If you have other income to tithe to your local church, tithe the proceeds of your cattle sales: (a cash contribution).
  7. Donate the proceeds of any animal that you choose year to year (a cash contribution).
  8. Donate hay, feed, equipment, vehicles, tractors, supplies, land, etc., to help with our herd needs: (non-cash contribution).
  9. Donate semen or embryos that we can use in our International training events or resale (non-cash contribution). **Due to storage restraints, we reserve the right to accept only the semen and embryos that we determine we can either resell, transfer into recipients, or export to enhance our mission work.
  10. Advertise for us in your sale catalogs, website and/or other advertisements. We have print ready ads available from business card size to 1/4, 1/2 and full page ads that we can send to you or your printer.
  11. If you are a business, become one of our Corporate Sponsors and donate your goods or services: (cash or non-cash contributions). Click here to see a partial listing of our Corporate Sponsors.
  12. Invite us to speak or meet with your local, regional, state and national cattle meetings or your church and civic organizations.
  13. Use your influence to help us get the support of others.
Cattle for Christ is a member of the Nation al Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA), the American Angus Association, the American Simmental Association, the American Hereford Association, the United Braford Breeders Association (UBBA), the Beefmaster Breeders United Association (BBU), the Alabama Cattlemen's Association, the Alabama Angus Association, and the Alabama Beef Cattle Improvement Association (BCIA).

How We Give Back to the Industry

Our mission work and our cattle herds have opened the doors for Glenn and Greg to speak with and host several youth organizations, high schools and universities through the years. Our last field day was held on the farm in AL on October 26th 2016 with the Coffee CountyYouth Leadership Program. Many of these high school students have never been on a cattle ranch. Not only did we get to pray for them and share the Gospel message, but we also taught and showed them how beef gets safely from the pasture to their plates. They also got to learn about free range chickens, goats, and forestry. We try to host as many of these type field days as we can for various cattle groups, youth organizations, Farm/City events, and military famiies at the neighboring Ft. Rucker, AL where all of the U.S. Army helicopter pilots, Warrant Officer Candidates (and other specialties) spend at least a year of their career. Most of these families have never been on a working cattle farm, so our herds help us to educate them about the safety of the beef industry, the humane treatment that farmers and ranchers provide for the cattle, and how farmers and ranchers are the best stewards of the environment----most all of which is contrary to what they hear and see in the media. These field days not only give recognition to our Corporate Sponsors and exposure to the genetics of the Farms and Ranches that donate their cattle, but it gives us the opportunity to really educate the public about beef production and promote the industry as a whole. In 2010, the year before we had our first Cattle for Christ Moving' Em Out for Missions Sale, the Cattle for Christ AL farm was awarded the Farm/City Outstanding Conservation Farm of the Year Award. We do all we can on our farm and in our herds to not only be successful and generate income for the ministry of Cattle for Christ International, but also to make the Industry look the best that we can. We run our farm and our cattle to make all the Farmers, Cattlemen, Ranchers and Ag Industries proud of our representation of the industry as a whole. The way we see it, we are accomplishing a lot of what Beef Checkoff dollars are doing, but at no cost to the producers. We are lifelong cattlemen and we are doing everything we can to make the industry we love and that has been good to us, the best it can be. Thank you to all who have supported our work. We pray that you will continue to do so. If you are not a Cattle for Christ ministry partner, we hope that you find us worthy of your support.

Herd History

Glenn and Larry Cochran talked and prayed on a Thursday afternoon in 2007 about what Glenn thought to be a leading of the Holy Spirit to start a Cattle For Christ herd. We had nowhere to put cows and no equipment to handle them except for six acres that Glenn owned and a small catch pen that he had built for his six personal heifers at the time. We felt that having a CFC herd would allow more cattlemen and others in the agriculture industry to be involved in the ministry through the donation of live cattle, embryos, semen, equipment, feed, supplies, services, etc., when giving cash may not be an option for them. We had no idea how to start the herd or how to make it work, but the Lord did! You can watch a You-Tube Video about our cattle herd and how it works by clicking here. Well to make a long story short, within just three years we had over 300 head of predominately registered Angus cattle running on over 200 acres of donated or rented pasture--and we never purchased a cow and never borrowed any money! In addition, we have the help of over 65 Corporate Sponsors who help with equipment, feed, minerals, supplies, maintenance, construction, embryo work, etc.. Click on this link to see a current listing of our Corporate Sponsors. On September 5th, 2011 we had our first Cattle for Christ "Moving Em Out For Missions" Sale where we sold over 175 head that generated over $300,000.00 to support our misson work here at home and around the world. In addition, we sold addditional cattle after the sale private treaty and we kept 29 cows as 'seed' to restart our herd. Our ability to be profitable in the CFC herds would not be possible without the help of the Corporate Sponsors and the many Ranches and Farms that help us.