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All of the cattle in our AL herd are either donated or raised from donated cattle. We do not purchase any cattle, nor do we borrow any money. We trust in the Lord to move in the hearts of His people to meet all of our ministry and herd needs. As of 20 March 2017, in our Alabama herd we have 90 bred cows, 33 bred heifers, 39 open heifers that we will breed this winter, and 4 herd bulls. Our goal is to grow our herd back to a minimum of 125 mama beef cows (both purebred and commercial) in addition to approximately 35 replacement heifers that we will keep and a few quality yearling bulls that we will offer for sale. While we still have some registered Angus, Simmental and Sim/An cattle, most of our herd is currently commercial. This year we are retaining 8 young Simmental and Sim/An bulls to sell as commercial herd bulls.  In 2017, six of herd bulls were donated and delivered to our fellow Ranchers in TX, OK and KS who lost their cattle to the devastating wildfires that destroyed so many cattle and hundreds of miles of fencing and facilities.

If you can donate one or more head, we can help with the transportation if needed and will get you the tax documents you need for your donation. If you prefer, you can also donate the funds to purchase a cow or heifer and we will purchase one or more for you and put them in our herd. Another option is to donate a cow or a heifer and keep them in your herd and donate the progeny or the proceeds from the sale of the progeny each year.

If you look under the "Corporate Sponsors" tab, you will see a listing of many of the companies that donate their goods and services to help us with our farm and our mission work. These do not include the many farms and ranches that have helped us with donated cattle, embryos, semen, hay, equipment, etc., but it does list most of the companies. Our ability to be profitable in the CFC herd would not be possible without the help of the Corporate Sponsors and the many Ranches and Farms who donate their cattle, products and services.

Jack McIntosh does most of the day to day operations of taking care of the cattle and maintaining the AL farm. Jack is somewhere on the farm seven days a week. Darrell Buxton, one of our Board Members also helps on a regular basis. Board Members Edwin Martin, Hank Gaines and his daughter Ginger also help us, as do a number of other neighbors and friends. Glenn plans the matings, manages the paperwork and health program, and markets the cattle. We have developed a really good market for all-natural, grass-fed beef with the military families of neighboring FT. Rucker, AL.

The Ft. Rucker market consumes all of the grass fed beef that we can produce and provides another opportunity for us to host Field Days where we can share the Gospel of Jesus Christ while also introducing and educating military families about farm life, These Field Days also allow us to promote the beef industry and explain how we get healthy beef products safely and humanely from the pasture to their dinner plates. Our herds also allow us to host various farm tours where other cattlemen and youth organizations can see our operation and the products of our Corporate Sponsors.

We also have a large selection of donated embryos and semen that are for sale. All of the proceeds from the cattle herd go toward supporting the work of Cattle for Christ. We will be posting our inventory under a "Semen & Embryos" Tab that will be added to this site as soon we can get an updated inventory. If you are looking for semen on a particular bull or embryo mating (especially some of the really good older pedigrees), please contact us and we will see if we have it on hand.



BF Cowboy Up X79
(ASA# 2585607)
Registered Purebred Simmental donated by Boyd Farms, AL (Lee Boyd)

Cattle For Christ Elisha 0114
(AAA# 16937599)
Registered Purebred Angus bull bred and raised in the CFC AL herd

BF Power House B81
(ASA# 298844)
Registered Purebred Simmental donated by Boyd Farms, AL (Lee Boyd) 

Daimond P Earl B905
(RAAA# 1733339)
Registered Purebred Red Angus donated by Diamond P Farms, KY (Jeff Pettit)

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