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Lisa Crumpler is Glenn's wife of 43 years. Lisa taught dancing lessons to children and teens for several years before and after she and Glenn married.  They decided that it was best for her to stay at home with their children while they were babies so that is what she did until all three children were enrolled in grade school.   Lisa spent 25 years as a bank teller before coming to work with Cattle for Christ to help Glenn with the book work and office duties of the ministry. Her years in the banking business, many of which she went the entire year without a single day of being out of balance at her window, prepared and equipped her to be good with managing, handling and accounting for money. She and Glenn both have a 'thing' about being able to account for every penny of missions' funds at all times.  This gift is an asset to our ministry and makes Glenn's job and the Board of Director's jobs much easier.  Her many years as an Army wife required her to learn to manage the family and business dealings while Glenn was away.  This experience helped to prepare her to manage things and juggle all the requirements of the ministry's administration and farm work while also taking care of the family when Glenn is away on mission work.

Lisa has always worked with children and youth in church, but her gift is working with pre-school children.  She has been on multiple mission trips to Jamaica, Nicaragua and Peru where she worked with children. Fortunately, since she now works full-time with the ministry, Lisa is available to occasionally travel with Glenn to help with the driving and doing administrative work on the road.  It is such an asset to have Lisa working with the ministry, because her life is so vested in Cattle for Christ that she will work and put in hours that other hired help could not or would not be willing to do. She works every day, most nights, and many weekends.  Most times she is in the office, but don't be surprised to see her in the cow pen or pasture--it sort of comes with the calling the Lord has on her and Glenn's lives.

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