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Jack is a native of Enterprise, AL where he and his family ran a family farm just south of town. He has one grown son, Kyle. Jack was a row crop farmer, chicken farmer, hog farmer and cattleman from 1971-2000. From 2000-2007, he worked with the Coffee County Highway Department, before quitting his job to help Glenn with the Cattle for Christ cattle farm. Jack made this move knowing that he was leaving a paying job with insurance and a retirement plan, to come work for us where there was no way at that time for us to pay him, we could not provide insurance and we had no retirement plan (except eternal rewards). When Glenn confronted Jack with these conditions, his immediate response was: "Well, that is what God has called me to do and that is what I am going to do. He will work it out." That says a lot about Jack's personal faith in Jesus Christ and his unyielding commitment to be obedient to God's calling on his life. It also says a lot about the friendship and Christian brotherhood that he and Glenn have enjoyed for many years.

Jack is responsible for the day-to-day care of the Cattle for Christ Alabama herd, other farm animals, and the new Broken Wagon Ranch House Petting Zoo. He can usually be found somewhere on the farm. Jack is absolutely committed to our mission and does all he can to make the ministry as effective and efficient as it can be.

Jack has been on several mission trips to South and Central America and has seen firsthand the need and the difference that we can make. He has sacrificed much to give of himself and his resources to enable us to meet those needs. Jack is a quiet, fine Christian man who doesn't like much recognition, but if you ever meet Jack, be sure to thank him for all that he does behind the scenes to make Christ and His love known to all the Nations.

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