Glenn Crumpler of Enterprise, AL is the founder and president of Cattle for Christ International Inc. He and his wife, formerly Lisa Donaldson, have been married for over 39 years and together they have three grown children, 4 grandsons and 2 granddaughters. Glenn is a retired United States Army Officer, is a 1977 graduate of Enterprise High School, earned an Associate of Science degree from Enterprise State Jr. College (now Enterprise/Ozark Community College), a Bachelors of Arts degree in Christian Education from Florida Baptist Theological College (now Baptist College of Florida), in Graceville, FL, (1997) and a Masters of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, KY. (2001).

Since 1991, Glenn has been on several foreign mission trips around the world and since 2001 has been doing full-time missionary work through Cattle for Christ International. These experiences nurtured the calling on his life to preach the Gospel, to evangelize the un-reached, and to unite the Body of Christ to raise money to take the Gospel and the love of Christ around the world, specifically in those areas of the world where there are few or no missionaries and where severe poverty and oppression are so prevalent. Through these mission trips and other experiences, the Lord has broken his heart for the lost, the poor, and the oppressed in the world, especially children and refugees.  His passion is to help meet their spiritual needs while training and equipping indigenous people groups to meet their own physical needs--thus eliminating both spiritual and physical poverty in the world. **Glenn has never taken any of his salary from the herd proceeds or from money given for missions.  He only accepts gifts 'designated' for his personal support.  If you would like to donate to Glenn's support, please click here.

For as long as he can remember, Glenn has always had a love and passion for cattle. He grew up buying cattle at weekly livestock auctions for a small local meat processor in Enterprise, AL. He began his own cattle business by raising and selling about 150 bottle calves per year. After a couple of years of raising bottle calves, he started purchasing a few good commercial cows from neighboring farmers. After about three years, his herd won the the honor of being awarded the Beef Cattle Improvement Association (BCIA) #2 small herd of commercial cows in the State of Alabama. In 1993 Glenn sold his commercial herd and purchased 10 bred registered Angus cows, two bred registered Angus heifers, and two weaned registered Angus heifers from Ivey Angus Farms in Webb, AL. Glenn's Angus farm was called One Way Angus (based on John 14:6) and was located in Enterprise, AL. These cows and their progeny went on to win several honors and produced one of the first bulls to ever go to a major stud from the Southeast. In 1997, in order for Glenn and Lisa to move to KY to attend seminary , he sold the One Way herd to his long time friend Ray Boyd and the Rev. Mack Amis.

In March 2001, during Glenn's third year of seminary while he was completing his Master's of Divinity degree and trying to discern and prepare for God's calling on his life, the Holy Spirit gave him the idea and name of the ministry 'Cattle for Christ International' and the strict financial accountability standards that the ministry would adhere to. At least 90% of every dollar designated for missions will go directly to the work, meaning that no more than 10% of these funds can be used for the administration/ministry expenses of Cattle for Christ.

Deep in his spirit, Glenn clearly understood the purpose of this ministry to be twofold: First, to unite Cattlemen, Farmers, Agricultural Industries, Churches and others to raise funds to take the Gospel and love of Christ Jesus to the world (especially to the un-reached peoples).

Cattle for Christ enables world missions and evangelism that are strategic, accountable, effective and efficient. The second purpose of Cattle for Christ is to call all Christians (The Church--those who already profess faith in Christ) back to His Lordship, where He reigns, where His Word is authoritative, where His Spirit is our empowerment and guide, and where doing His will is our purpose for living (2Cor5:15).

If Cattlemen will make the decision to come together and just give whatever they have to give whether it be money, services, cattle, embryos, equipment, feedstuffs, land, vehicles, time, talents, influence, etc., together we can raise the needed funds and other resources to take the Gospel and love of Christ Jesus to the entire world through the ministries of Cattle for Christ International. We can help meet their spiritual needs and train and equip them to meet their own physical needs--thus eliminating both spiritual and physical poverty in the world.

Please contact Glenn today to see how you too can partner with Cattle for Christ International to minister to men, women and children all around the world who so desperately need to know that there is a God who loves them, who has a plan for their lives, who can give them hope, and who has already paid the price for the forgiveness of their sin through the shedding of His own blood. You can be one of those who care enough to make a difference. Through all of us working together through Cattle for Christ, we can greatly improve the daily lives and the eternal destiny of people all around the world.