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Edwin is also a native of Enterprise, AL.  Edwin was the manager of his three generation family owned and successfully operated dairy farm from 1982-2002.  He attended Auburn University then went on to earn a BS degree in Dairy Science from Virginia Tech. Edwin has extensive background in all areas of the dairy business including breeding top performing dairy cattle, dairy genetics, herd health, dairy nutrition, and artificial insemination (AI).

Edwin's experience and assistance has been invaluable to the Cattle for Christ farm and our mission work dealing with cattle management and genetic improvement.  During the 20 years that he managed his rather large and very successful family dairy operation, they never owned a herd bull.  Edwin and his dad (Phillip Martin) somehow managed to AI breed every cow and heifer.  Mr. Phillip tells the story of a cow that Edwin just could not get the AI gun positioned properly to breed.  Instead of giving up, he loaded her on a trailer and hauled her to the Post Office where Mr. Philip worked to give his dad a try!  That is the kind of tenacity that it takes to run a successful farm like he did for so many years and that is also what it takes to do whatever has to be done to take Christ to the Nations!  It takes hard work, it takes determination, and it takes long hours.  All of this is what Edwin has brought to the ministry of Cattle for Christ.

Edwin spends most of his time off somewhere doing other mission work or something that will help make the world a better place for others--whether it be clearing hiking trails, doing disaster relief work, or helping an elderly man who is having problems harvesting his Blueberry crop.  Edwin will help anyone who needs help.  Though he does not have children of his own, he loves them all and has a unique way of relating to them.

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