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Darrell was born and raised on a small farm in Coffee County Alabama. He and his wife Nina Rials Buxton have been married for 47 years. Darrell retired in May 2015 after 42 years with the Alabama Federal-State Inspection Service. During his years of service, Darrell worked with numerous farmers, buyers and distributors of fruits, vegetables and grains to assure quality products reached the consumer. One of his greatest blessings he says was the opportunity to work with and supervise dedicated and hardworking people for so many years.

Throughout his career, Darrell served on and chaired many National Boards and Committees dealing with peanuts, fruits and vegetables. In 1999-2000, he served as President of the Association of Fruit and Vegetables Inspection Agencies.

Darrell himself has his own cattle and goat herds, which brings a lot of knowledge and experience to benefit not only our cattle herd, but also to help us learn about small ruminants so that we can help people around the world whose primary source of income is goat and sheep. He also brings to the Cattle for Christ Board of Directors a lifetime of experience in farming, cattle, management, quality control and a passion for making Christ known to everyone here at home and around the world. Darrell helps Jack and Glenn on the Cattle for Christ farm 2-3 days per week as a volunteer servant--always willing to do whatever needs doing. Everything he does, he does as if he was doing it for the Lord himself.

Darrell and Nina are active members of Christ Community Church of God in Enterprise, AL.

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