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Billy serves as Chairman of the Cattle For Christ Board of Directors.  He and his wife Linda have been married for over 43 years.  They have 2 grown sons and 5 grandchildren.  Billy retired in 2021 from Zoetis where he was a Senior Territory Manager.  He has extensive experience in animal health which has been a valuable asset to the ministry--both our herd and with the livestock work we do internationally.  

Billy has always had a tender and evangelistic heart.  He specifically has a call on his life for prison ministry in which he is actively involved.  He has been a moral and spiritual mentor to many young men. Before and especially since his retirement from Zoetis, he and Linda have been actively involved with the youth ministry at their church.  Billy also serves on the Board of The Shepherd Staff ministry in Montgomery, AL, serves on the worship team at his church, and tirelessly and patiently serves in six (6) different incarceration facilities, both adult and juvenile.  Billy has been instrumental in keeping these prison ministries going despite much adversity and many difficult hurdles.  His passion and tenacity for taking the Gospel and hope of Christ to the world and to the incarcerated are nothing short of inspirational and God given.  

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